Flea Market Finds: The Littles


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We have found some tiny vintage treasures on our hunts recently, and listed them on our Etsy store.  I am not sure what the above cocktail shaker was for, but it is adorable!  It stands 2 1/4″ tall and was made in Germany, probably in the 1950s.  Here are a few other mini vintage finds:
*Collection of Wooden German Vehicles, Buildings and Blocks.  The largest of the tall buildings measures 3″ high.
*Set of Six Little Bakelite Knives. These measure 4 5/8″ long. These are from the 1950s and may have been butter knives to a larger set. I love that they are perfectly kid-sized.112WoodAnimalsPencil
*Set of 29 Miniature German Froebel Animals. These are so sweet! The tiny little brightly-painted animals measure around an inch tall.  These would make great Easter basket gifts!

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Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

I think I saw our tulip shoots push up another inch or two yesterday. I need to get out back and remove my over-zealous straw mulching from the fall.  This is our second year of growing a garden and we get very excited when plants actually grow out back.  I think I even see the start of flowers on one of my hellebore plants, which everyone else in our neighborhood seems to be able to grow except us thus far…Maybe this is our year.  One of our bee hives was bringing in lots of pollen this week.  I am so amazed that those girls know when and where to find the tiniest bit of pollen in the otherwise gray landscape.  I need to take a peek inside and see if we need to feed a bit more before the flowers really start providing nectar.  We are keeping fingers crossed for a warm weekend.  Hooray for Spring!

Instagrams from the week:

*Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

*Headband Crown Production for the lovely Acorn Toy Shop

*Ice Cream Weather, Ample Hills

*Long Shadows


*Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

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Flea Market Finds: The Woods


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Some new vintage finds in our Etsy shop:

*Antique Dough Bowl

*Pair of Mini Clover Shelves

*1950s Trees Painting

*Turned Wooden Candle Sticks

*Antique Folding Hat Rack

DIY Party Games for Little Kids


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We realized a few days before Josie’s birthday party that the kids were old enough to play games this year.  We came up with a few simple games that were inexpensive, easy to put together and that kept the kids occupied between cake and party hats:

The Scavenger Hunt consisted of manilla shipping tags with hand-written clues tied to things around the house.  The older kids helped the little ones read the clues and they ran around finding tags until the final clue led them to a box with a small prize for each kid.  While three-year-olds may be able to play games, they are not good sports about just one prize for the winner, so we made sure each game had little thing for each person.

We had a Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game in our party supply box.  I thought it would be too complicated for them, but the kids had fun playing and laughing.  There may also have been some cheating.

The Pass the Package Game is similar to Musical Chairs.  A package is passed around a circle of kids while music plays.  When the music stops the person holding the package tears off wrappings until the music begins again.  This continues until the package is completely unwrapped.  We used streamers from the party store and I divided marbles from the dollar store into little plastic pouches for each kid:




Flea Market Finds: Heavy Metal


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119CarLettesFront107SpoonsFront107Numbers2We have been gathering lots of vintage and antiques the last few weeks and posting them to our Etsy shop.  I am loving the color of these silver metals.  The Car Letters and House Numbers are such great graphic shapes.  I love how the font style tells a story about the era they came from.  The letters from automobiles practically scream style and speed, while the older house numbers seem neat and pretty, but also practical and simple.  These pieces look great in a group on a mantel, and I like how their shapes and lines play off of each other.  These Antique Coin Silver Spoons make me smile.  They were made in the 1850s in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  They are monogrammed on the back and were used for many, many years by the same family.  I imagine the spoons being used at the family table and lovingly cleaned and polished.  The smallest spoon is only 3 5/8″ long and would have probably been used to spoon bits of salt.  So sweet! Here are their pretty monograms:107Spoons
We are looking forward to spring and green and, (just as importantly), stoop sale weather!  Just one more week of winter!  Keep your eyes open for more vintage treasures coming soon.

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Ballerina Cake


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Josie changed her mind a few times about what cake she wanted for her birthday.  We finally ended up making layers of both chocolate and yellow cake and covering them with strawberry frosting.  I used my favorite Deep Dark Chocolate Cake recipe from Country Living Magazine for the center layer.  The yellow cake was Barefoot Contessa’s Birthday Cake recipe.  The frosting was from Sprinkles’ Strawberry Frosting recipe.  We decorated with ballerinas and flowers that we got from Dash & Dollop’s Etsy shop.  The kids dissected the parts of cake that they liked best, and Josie was a happy girl. Cake2

Paper Love


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Today is Josie’s birthday. Happy Birthday little Jo!  We are having a party tomorrow with her friends and working on cake-baking this afternoon.  I picked up some party things last week at two of my favorite places in Soho.  Pearl River Mart and Sunrise Mart are full of beautiful imported goods.  I love wandering around and getting ideas and treats in these two spots.  The paper goods are the best!  Here is some of what we found:
Paper3Paper2 Paper1 Paper9 Paper7   Paper5
*Paper Goldfish Balloons – for party decorating.

*Paper Flower Kits – good gifts for future birthday parties.  I like to keep a stash of gifts in the party box.

*Hello Kitty Stickers and Tissues – pretty much tailor-made for a three-year-old.

*Puffy Animal Stickers – Josie gifts.

*Paper Balloons – good, inexpensive gift bag loot.

*Paper Lanterns – you can never have enough of these.

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend.

DIY Watercolor Wrapping Paper


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I ran upstairs to wrap presents for Josie the other day and realized that although we were well-stocked with holiday paper, we were fresh out of anything appropriate for a birthday.  Dare was napping, so I had a few minutes of quiet to get creative.  This splatter paper took me less than ten minutes to make and I was happy the results.  To make your own Watercolor Wrapping Paper you will need:

*Roll of Blank Paper (We used a roll from Ikea that is for the girls’ easel)

*Watercolor or Acrylic Paints

*Medium-sized Paint Brush


1. Unroll paper.

2. Mix paint and water until it is the desired color. (The more water you use, the fainter the color will be when dry).

3. Splatter the paint on to the paper with the brush.  Change water and wash brush between color changes to keep paint from looking muddy.

4. Allow paint to dry.

5. Wrap!  Seam binding is my favorite gift-wrapping ribbon.Splatter3Splatter4Splatter6



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Happy Friday!

I have been with only one baby for a few days and must admit it feels like such a vacation!  The two oldest girls went to Nan and Pappy’s house for the school break week and Dare and I have been hanging out and crossing things off of our lists.  How ironic that when we were first-time parents we were too new to realize that having only one baby was simple.  Here is a bit of our week:

*Dare, Sitting Up.  She has officially figured it out.

*Orange, 2014.  I’ve been listing some of my paintings for sale on our Etsy shop.

*Aztec, MarieBelle in Soho

*Daddy and Dare

*Decorating for Josie’s Birthday Week

*Liberty Prints, Purl Soho

Have a great weekend!

Oxalis and McCoy


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The garden shops are starting to get Oxalis in their windows, which means spring is not too far away!  We picked up a new plant for the girls room at Sprout Home last weekend.  (Last year’s met a tragic end which involved a lot of vacuuming).  I love Oxalis for their pretty heart-shaped petals which open to meet the sun and then fold back up at night.  My favorite spots to put little houseplants are in vintage McCoy pots.  There are lots of pretty McCoy options here on Etsy.  We plant into the pots in the winter and then put a collection out on the windowsill in the spring.  A little bit of green in a bright vintage flower pot is always a perfect gift in my book.