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One of my resolutions this year is to finish projects, namely to organize things in order to make daily routines simple and more enjoyable.  I have had armoire scrawled on my list for quite some time now.  It is difficult to find the perfect armoire in the perfect size for the perfect price in this city.  We have found several that were beautiful, but too large to fit up and around the curve in our stairs.  We found several that were in another state and too large to put on top of the Volvo.  We found several that were really ugly/smelly/strange.  The reason we need an armoire upstairs is because we have a huge rolling rack with all of our clothes downstairs – in the dining room.  (Old houses like ours have little to no closet space).  We neglected to measure the rack before we purchased, strapped it around the Volvo and dragged it up a flight and a half of stairs only to be forced back down when it would not fit up and around the curve.  The rack has been in our dining room for over two years now.  (Did I mention that this is the year we are crossing projects off of our list?)  The above armoire was a $50 Craigslist score (thanks Leslie!), and set of matching hangers was $20 on Ebay.  This armoire does a great job housing the girls’ shoe, blankets, and clothes and has helped to simplify our morning routine.  The armoire is still not perfect – the front of a door has water damage.  We are going to have a carpenter fix the damage when he builds a custom armoire for adult clothes into our upstairs bedroom space.