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Fritillaria Daffodils156McCoyPot3155WellerVase158HaegerPot155AMcCoyVase
Spring is my favorite time of year out in the garden. We are on year two of planning a cutting garden, and the bulbs are a thrill to see this time of year. It makes me really happy to run out back and snip some of our own flowers for the vases around the house. I am especially in love with these little checkered Fritillaria, which I think have gotten bigger flowers this year, and the pretty double Narcissus we planted the year before last.  Here is a list of some of the bulbs we planted.  I am a little unhappy with the colors of the Hyacinths we chose, so I have been cutting most of them and bringing their amazing scent indoors…maybe I need to plant more.  There are lots of buds on the Lilac we put in last year, and our tiny little cherry tree from the Arbor Day Foundation had exactly nine flowers last week.  Let’s hope the bees did their job and we will see some little cherries in the fall.  We are realizing that it takes years to choreograph a garden’s blooms.  I started a Martha-inspired garden journal last year…which I promptly forgot to fill in.  So Chris has started using his phone to record the dates and progress of blooming.  We can look back over the year and plan ahead to fill in any empty spaces.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying our little home-grown bouquets.  We have some newly-listed vintage flower pots and vases in the Etsy store if you need any spots for flowers in your space.

*White McCoy Flower Pot with Attached Saucer, So pretty with planted geraniums on a windowsill!

*Weller Jardiniere Vase, I love the matte green glaze.

*1940s Haeger Bowl, Perfect for cut hyacinth or hydrangea.

*Large Nelson McCoy Butterfly Pitcher, Great for long stems of tulips or sunflowers.