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Good morning,

Two children are snuggled under comforters and one is off to school and I have a few quiet minutes to myself.  Fall is here, or at least it was yesterday.  We spent the weekend in Vermont and I was reminded of how dramatically the seasons roar in further up north.  Today will be back in the 70s in Brooklyn, but the memory of weekend snow and burning red leaves is making us feel like change is coming to us as well.

If you have a free weekend, jump in the car and take a lazy drive up to Vermont to see those leaves.  We stayed near Mount Snow, Southern Vermont for a wedding and had some time to wander through the little maple syrup stands and country stores nearby.  We visited the beautiful Honora Winery for the wedding.  The views at the top of the mountain are worth a four hour drive.  We have Vermonter train ride on our radar for next Vermont visit.

Back home I have fall colors on my mind and garden tasks on my list.  This weekend’s agenda includes tucking new tulip bulbs into the soil, adding layers of compost to a yawning garden and consolidating combs to snuggle bees in for the colder weather.  We will start moving geraniums inside, putting new cuttings into bright vintage pots, and planning which bulbs to force for Thanksgiving and Christmas blooms.  There are lots of vintage pots and finds from Vermont and Western New York in our Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/jeannerondeau

Happy Fall!