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We found this guy at a yard sale a few weeks ago. We were on vacation with friends on Shelter Island, (one of our new favorite places).  I spotted the eagle’s head amongst some less antique antiques and got excited.  The owners kindly dug out the directions from the garage and we made a deal.  I noticed the original gold paint on the feathers after I laid the eagle in the trunk of the car, (forgetting as usual that we still had to fit a long weekend’s worth of luggage for five people back there).  With some further research I think this eagle was made from copper in the late 1800 or early 1900s.  He is large, with a 24″ wingspan and has one of the most beautiful profiles I have seen on a weathervane.  He is for sale…but he is watching over the girls’ bunk beds at the moment.  I wonder what he has seen up on a roof for so many years.  Did he watch over the boats coming and going from the island?  Did he travel from some other inland town?  We are happy to have him watch over us for the time being.