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catsclose2Hello.  Our world is a different place since our last post.  We have been thinking, listening, working, marching, protesting here.  I personally feel energized, enraged, excited and terrified for what will come next for our country and our world.  Listening to the news of refugees on WNYC as our own family sits down to breakfast makes us simultaneously despair and give thanks.  I have stopped censoring the radio.  I have decided to be blankly honest and try to elaborate on things as the kids ask questions.  I often have no idea how to explain to an eight, six, three year old.  I often have no idea how to explain our world to girls.  Ada, Chris and I went to the Women’s March on Washington two weeks ago with another eight-year-old and his mom.  Despite many false reports, there were over a million people in D.C. standing up for Women, Human, and Immigrant rights.  I was reminded of the power I felt in college – an urgent need to fix blatant wrongs in the world and the energy to get to work.  I feel so proud of our city of New York for banding together, living with difference and standing up for the rights of many different people.  We are quite far from utopia here, but I am proud of our progress.  I am trying to combine our daily life with the steps we personally need to take to improve our world.  We have been using an App called Countable which allows you to connect with and contact your representatives and stay on top of upcoming bills and votes.   I will donate some of the income from our Etsy shop to groups that work to improve life for people and refugees in our city and in the world.  We are working on doing at least one piece of activism each day.  We have much work to do from here on out, but I am excited to get started.