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Some images from the last few weeks…

*Huge Vintage Quilt Hoop in our Etsy shop.  I like this hanging on the wall on its own.

*Spindles from a beautiful custom screen door made by Vintage Doors.  All of their doors are made by hand in the US.

*Wild Rose detail from an Antique Victorian Painting.  Women often painted as a hobby in the early 1900s and I love the look these slightly folky flower paintings.

*Empty Carnegie Hall.  We took the kids to a violin concert this weekend.  It was inspiring for four of us, and not for the youngest of us.

*Antique Ironstone Cup with ‘Safe Harbour’ transfer design.  The perfect toothbrush holder.

*Antique White Petticoat.  I love wearing these as skirts in the summer, especially at the beach and for walks on the board walk.

*Vintage sailboat painting.  I bought this to sell and then couldn’t part with it.  The colors are pretty perfect.

*Antique safety glass in the front door at the Ocean Grove House.

*Vintage Clewell copper-coated pot.  I had never seen one of these before.  It has a pottery vessel inside and a copper coating for a skin.  So cool!