Visit Us at the Brooklyn Flea!


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Come out and say hi this Sunday, April 23 from 10 am to 6 pm at the DUMBO location of the Brooklyn Flea.  We will have tons of fresh, beautiful and useful vintage treasure. Brooklyn Flea Market, Manhattan Bridge Archway, 80 Pearl St., 11201.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you there!





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Some things from the last week:

*Antique Cast Iron Door Stop in our Etsy Shop.

*Liberty of London Fabric from Purl Soho.  We made covers with Liberty fabric for these inexpensive Ikea feather pillows.  The girls use them to lounge on when reading in bed.

*Detail of Vintage Wooden Sign in our Etsy Shop.

*Large Ironstone Urn in our Etsy Shop, perfect for holding umbrellas.

*View of Asbury Park from the Ocean Grove boardwalk.  We are thinking of those who lost their homes today in an early morning fire.  A heartbreaking loss for our little town.

*Cozy front porch in Ocean Grove.  We are feeling both sad for the loss of some of our town’s historic houses and thankful that no one was hurt today.

*Post Cards to the President.  I send these often, addressed to the White House.  I know he will likely never read them, but I use them as sort of therapy now.

*Lemon, Lemon, Lemon Cake for Josie’s Birthday.  I used a version of this lemon poppyseed cake and this lemon frosting, along with lemon curd from Trader Joe’s. Our backyard hellebores bloomed just in time to use for decoration.

*More Liberty of London.  I have a bit of an addiction.

Stay cozy and have a great weekend!





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Some images from the last few weeks…

*Huge Vintage Quilt Hoop in our Etsy shop.  I like this hanging on the wall on its own.

*Spindles from a beautiful custom screen door made by Vintage Doors.  All of their doors are made by hand in the US.

*Wild Rose detail from an Antique Victorian Painting.  Women often painted as a hobby in the early 1900s and I love the look these slightly folky flower paintings.

*Empty Carnegie Hall.  We took the kids to a violin concert this weekend.  It was inspiring for four of us, and not for the youngest of us.

*Antique Ironstone Cup with ‘Safe Harbour’ transfer design.  The perfect toothbrush holder.

*Antique White Petticoat.  I love wearing these as skirts in the summer, especially at the beach and for walks on the board walk.

*Vintage sailboat painting.  I bought this to sell and then couldn’t part with it.  The colors are pretty perfect.

*Antique safety glass in the front door at the Ocean Grove House.

*Vintage Clewell copper-coated pot.  I had never seen one of these before.  It has a pottery vessel inside and a copper coating for a skin.  So cool!



Winter Whites


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winterwhitesWe have a bunch of new listings up in our Etsy shop.  These pieces are great for brightening up cloudy winter days:

* Antique Ironstone Tureen – Has a lovely blue tint, octagonal shape and was made around the 1880s.  The tureen is still sturdy and ready to be used again.

*Five Vintage Children’s Pillow Cases – Each has a different handmade detail.

*Set of Unused Vintage Linen Tablecloth and Napkins – These ten napkins and tablecloth still have their original “Made in Belgium”labels and are made of beautiful quality linen.

*Paint-by-Number Winter Scene – The colors of this little painting are bright and calm.

Ocean Grove, NJ


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We have fallen in love with a magic little town on the coast of New Jersey.  Chris and I drove through Ocean Grove one day and were charmed by the tiny square mile of preserved Victorian homes perched close to the shore.  The houses were impossibly detailed and cared for and the town was beautiful, quiet and slow-paced.  The beach in Ocean Grove was voted one of the world’s 15 best by Fodor’s Travel.  A quick stroll on the boardwalk or over two footbridges brought us to newly revitalized Asbury Park.  We joked that we would have to retire there when our kids were grown.

When I learned about the town’s twice annual Giant Flea Market I marked my calendar.  The drive from Brooklyn took me less than 1 1/2 hours and the first time I went to the flea I was hooked.  Wandering around town felt like a dream and each time I visited I liked it even more.  When I returned to the flea this past May I called Chris to tell him I was going to talk to a realtor.  In the whirlwind that followed we ended up looking at 10 houses.  Our plan was to find a house that we could rent when we weren’t using it.  The house we fell for was built in the 1880s and was owned by one family for more than 70 years.   After talking to many incredibly friendly residents we decided Ocean Grove would be the perfect spot to spend time with our girls while they are still young.

The house at 6 1/2 Heck Avenue is calm bright and airy.  It stands fifth in from the beach and has beautiful ocean views.  Many of the home’s original antiques are in use throughout the house.  The town of Ocean Grove was founded by a group of religious leaders as an ocean side retreat in the 1860s.  Our home feels like stepping back into Ocean Grove’s early days when families would escape to the shore away from busy lives.  The home is simple compared to some of its brightly painted neighbors and we love that it retains its original details and quiet beach cottage feel.  Visit our Instagram feed  @oceangrovehouse for more photos.

We are honored to be able to care for the home at 6 1/2 Heck Avenue and excited to share it for 2016 rentals.  For rental inquiries and questions please contact Alfredo Fresnedo at (732)-763-2961,  We still feel like we discovered a secret hideout every time we visit our home in Ocean Grove.  So many memories have been made in the short time we have owned the house.  We are so happy to share our home with visitors and hope 6 1/2 Heck will be a place for memories of your own.



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Happy Friday!

We have been having such a busy spring, (thus the lack of activity here).  We escaped the city for spring break last week and spent time in beautiful Vermont and New Hampshire for Easter.  We were excited to return to spring in Brooklyn!  Our flowers are pushing up and blooming in the back yard, the bees are super busy gathering pollen and the tulips we planted out front are opening.  I found lots of great antiques in Vermont and have been listing them on our Etsy site.  Dare is desperately trying to crawl after spending a week with big kids.  Here are some pieces of the last few weeks:

*Cameo Ring.  I found this Victorian ring in a little shop in VT and fell in love with it.  Then I saw that the box was from an old jewelry shop at 1 Market Street in Portsmouth, NH.  Before I moved to NY I worked at the beautiful Flower Kiosk just a block away on Market Street.  Such a small world.

*Pansy Detail, Webber Vase

*Cloudy Drive Out of the City


*Vintage Bingo Cards and Ada’s New Numbers

*Vintage 1950s Arrows in an Antique Pitcher from Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Who knew that Greenpoint was a huge pottery manufacturer in the 1800s?!

*The Most Beautiful Building in the World

*Pretty Cameo Pin

*Jesse’s Snowman, April Snowstorm in Vermont

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*Have a lovely weekend!



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Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

I think I saw our tulip shoots push up another inch or two yesterday. I need to get out back and remove my over-zealous straw mulching from the fall.  This is our second year of growing a garden and we get very excited when plants actually grow out back.  I think I even see the start of flowers on one of my hellebore plants, which everyone else in our neighborhood seems to be able to grow except us thus far…Maybe this is our year.  One of our bee hives was bringing in lots of pollen this week.  I am so amazed that those girls know when and where to find the tiniest bit of pollen in the otherwise gray landscape.  I need to take a peek inside and see if we need to feed a bit more before the flowers really start providing nectar.  We are keeping fingers crossed for a warm weekend.  Hooray for Spring!

Instagrams from the week:

*Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

*Headband Crown Production for the lovely Acorn Toy Shop

*Ice Cream Weather, Ample Hills

*Long Shadows


*Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

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Flea Market Finds: Heavy Metal


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119CarLettesFront107SpoonsFront107Numbers2We have been gathering lots of vintage and antiques the last few weeks and posting them to our Etsy shop.  I am loving the color of these silver metals.  The Car Letters and House Numbers are such great graphic shapes.  I love how the font style tells a story about the era they came from.  The letters from automobiles practically scream style and speed, while the older house numbers seem neat and pretty, but also practical and simple.  These pieces look great in a group on a mantel, and I like how their shapes and lines play off of each other.  These Antique Coin Silver Spoons make me smile.  They were made in the 1850s in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  They are monogrammed on the back and were used for many, many years by the same family.  I imagine the spoons being used at the family table and lovingly cleaned and polished.  The smallest spoon is only 3 5/8″ long and would have probably been used to spoon bits of salt.  So sweet! Here are their pretty monograms:107Spoons
We are looking forward to spring and green and, (just as importantly), stoop sale weather!  Just one more week of winter!  Keep your eyes open for more vintage treasures coming soon.

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DIY Watercolor Wrapping Paper


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I ran upstairs to wrap presents for Josie the other day and realized that although we were well-stocked with holiday paper, we were fresh out of anything appropriate for a birthday.  Dare was napping, so I had a few minutes of quiet to get creative.  This splatter paper took me less than ten minutes to make and I was happy the results.  To make your own Watercolor Wrapping Paper you will need:

*Roll of Blank Paper (We used a roll from Ikea that is for the girls’ easel)

*Watercolor or Acrylic Paints

*Medium-sized Paint Brush


1. Unroll paper.

2. Mix paint and water until it is the desired color. (The more water you use, the fainter the color will be when dry).

3. Splatter the paint on to the paper with the brush.  Change water and wash brush between color changes to keep paint from looking muddy.

4. Allow paint to dry.

5. Wrap!  Seam binding is my favorite gift-wrapping ribbon.Splatter3Splatter4Splatter6



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Happy Friday!

I have been with only one baby for a few days and must admit it feels like such a vacation!  The two oldest girls went to Nan and Pappy’s house for the school break week and Dare and I have been hanging out and crossing things off of our lists.  How ironic that when we were first-time parents we were too new to realize that having only one baby was simple.  Here is a bit of our week:

*Dare, Sitting Up.  She has officially figured it out.

*Orange, 2014.  I’ve been listing some of my paintings for sale on our Etsy shop.

*Aztec, MarieBelle in Soho

*Daddy and Dare

*Decorating for Josie’s Birthday Week

*Liberty Prints, Purl Soho

Have a great weekend!