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I ran upstairs to wrap presents for Josie the other day and realized that although we were well-stocked with holiday paper, we were fresh out of anything appropriate for a birthday.  Dare was napping, so I had a few minutes of quiet to get creative.  This splatter paper took me less than ten minutes to make and I was happy the results.  To make your own Watercolor Wrapping Paper you will need:

*Roll of Blank Paper (We used a roll from Ikea that is for the girls’ easel)

*Watercolor or Acrylic Paints

*Medium-sized Paint Brush


1. Unroll paper.

2. Mix paint and water until it is the desired color. (The more water you use, the fainter the color will be when dry).

3. Splatter the paint on to the paper with the brush.  Change water and wash brush between color changes to keep paint from looking muddy.

4. Allow paint to dry.

5. Wrap!  Seam binding is my favorite gift-wrapping ribbon.Splatter3Splatter4Splatter6