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119CarLettesFront107SpoonsFront107Numbers2We have been gathering lots of vintage and antiques the last few weeks and posting them to our Etsy shop.  I am loving the color of these silver metals.  The Car Letters and House Numbers are such great graphic shapes.  I love how the font style tells a story about the era they came from.  The letters from automobiles practically scream style and speed, while the older house numbers seem neat and pretty, but also practical and simple.  These pieces look great in a group on a mantel, and I like how their shapes and lines play off of each other.  These Antique Coin Silver Spoons make me smile.  They were made in the 1850s in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  They are monogrammed on the back and were used for many, many years by the same family.  I imagine the spoons being used at the family table and lovingly cleaned and polished.  The smallest spoon is only 3 5/8″ long and would have probably been used to spoon bits of salt.  So sweet! Here are their pretty monograms:107Spoons
We are looking forward to spring and green and, (just as importantly), stoop sale weather!  Just one more week of winter!  Keep your eyes open for more vintage treasures coming soon.

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