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Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

I think I saw our tulip shoots push up another inch or two yesterday. I need to get out back and remove my over-zealous straw mulching from the fall.  This is our second year of growing a garden and we get very excited when plants actually grow out back.  I think I even see the start of flowers on one of my hellebore plants, which everyone else in our neighborhood seems to be able to grow except us thus far…Maybe this is our year.  One of our bee hives was bringing in lots of pollen this week.  I am so amazed that those girls know when and where to find the tiniest bit of pollen in the otherwise gray landscape.  I need to take a peek inside and see if we need to feed a bit more before the flowers really start providing nectar.  We are keeping fingers crossed for a warm weekend.  Hooray for Spring!

Instagrams from the week:

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