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Happy Friday!

We have been having such a busy spring, (thus the lack of activity here).  We escaped the city for spring break last week and spent time in beautiful Vermont and New Hampshire for Easter.  We were excited to return to spring in Brooklyn!  Our flowers are pushing up and blooming in the back yard, the bees are super busy gathering pollen and the tulips we planted out front are opening.  I found lots of great antiques in Vermont and have been listing them on our Etsy site.  Dare is desperately trying to crawl after spending a week with big kids.  Here are some pieces of the last few weeks:

*Cameo Ring.  I found this Victorian ring in a little shop in VT and fell in love with it.  Then I saw that the box was from an old jewelry shop at 1 Market Street in Portsmouth, NH.  Before I moved to NY I worked at the beautiful Flower Kiosk just a block away on Market Street.  Such a small world.

*Pansy Detail, Webber Vase

*Cloudy Drive Out of the City


*Vintage Bingo Cards and Ada’s New Numbers

*Vintage 1950s Arrows in an Antique Pitcher from Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Who knew that Greenpoint was a huge pottery manufacturer in the 1800s?!

*The Most Beautiful Building in the World

*Pretty Cameo Pin

*Jesse’s Snowman, April Snowstorm in Vermont

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*Have a lovely weekend!