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If Ada had her way everything we own would be covered in glitter.  So we came up with our own version of the snow globe.  Kids can help choose the buttons, glitter and fabric for the tops and then fill the jars with treasure.  Messy and hot parts should be left to an adult.

You will need:

*Recycled glass jar with tight-fitting lid

*Waterproof contents: (buttons, bouncy balls, glitter, and small plastic animals work well)

*Hot glue gun

*Fabric and string to cover top

1. Put treasure in jar and then squirt in baby oil to fill.

2. Line inside rim of jar with hot glue and screw on.

3. Fill outside ridge between top and jar with hot glue, to be sure no oil will escape.

4.Cover top with fabric and tie with string.

The baby was mesmerized by the slowly falling sparkles and the jars are beautiful in the sunlight.  Glitter contained.  Magic.