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This alphabet book is one of my favorite projects for preschoolers.  We started about a year ago and add to it as we get catalogs or magazines to cut up.  Each letter has a page or two where we paste in different fonts as well as pictures of things that start with the letter.  (P for Peanut, Popsicle, Parrot).  You will need:

*Big notebook.  We used this one by Art Alternatives,  but any large blank book will work.  I like the spiral because it makes room for bulky pages.


*Scissors.  (I initially cut out the pictures, but now Ada likes to use the scissors).

*Recycled magazines, catalogs, grocery circulars, stickers, etc.  We LOVE these Eyelike sticker books because smaller kids can help without the use of glue or scissors.  The Eyelike images are amazingly detailed and the stickers are reusable.

This book is a great way to make learning letters and the initial concepts of reading more like a treasure hunt.  I love the collage aesthetic and that one of  the books Ada likes to look at on her shelf was made by her.