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We have yet to try flying with both kids.  An upcoming visit to the West coast has me excited and a bit worried about how to entertain two on the road.  So I filled up Ada’s dog backpack with activities and fun stuff for the flight.  (Top secret to her until takeoff).

*Little Packrats bags are adorable and made in the USA.

*Maurice Sendak’s Nutshell Library– four tiny, poetic stories with detailed illustrations.  We traded their cardboard for a softer pouch.

*Organic fruit snacks from Target.  A rubber band keeps them under control in the bag.

*Sticker and magnet books.  Small enough to fit in a child’s backpack.

*Wild Animal Baby Magazine from the National Wildlife Federation.  Ada gets as excited about a new issue in the mail as I do about my magazines.  This one is small enough for little hands.

*A pristine blank book to fill up with drawings, paintings and stickers.

*Clementine art supplies.  They are non-toxic and come in sweet little packages.

*Pipe Cleaners in Brown Bear Colors.

*A Rabbit and a Mouse.

This should get us through the flight with minimal IPod time.