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I love the look of Easter Peeps.  They are the iconic Easter basket filler, and I would miss them if they were not around for the season.  But personally I do not like to eat them.  So, we came up with this bunny garland.  You will need:

*Bunny Peeps (We used 4 packages of 16 for the length of our mantel)

*Embroidery Floss in two contrasting colors

*Needle for Floss

1. Lay out lines of peeps, four at a time.  Do not break bonds between the four bunnies.  Allow peeps to sit out for a day and get slightly stale. This makes the bunnies a bit more durable.

2. Thread embroidery needle with floss and weave the first color over and under bunny ears as shown above.  Carefully adjust spaces between bunnies as you go.  Pull gently so thread will not cut off any ears.

3. Repeat weaving with second color of floss, this time going over when you first went under the rabbit ears.

4. Gently break bonds at the bottom of rabbit bodies, leaving ears attached.  This gives the garland a more rounded shape.

5. Hang garland and let the Peeps dry.

Happy Easter!