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We love our Angela Adams rug.  Her designs are abstracted from nature and her life in Maine and her rugs are made beautifully and responsibly.  We have had this one for about four years and have been really happy with how it has held up to kids and spills.  The wool resists stains better than cotton rugs, but it still needs a good deep clean once in a while.  Charlie’s Soap is my favorite for the job.  (We get our Charlie’s at Green in Brooklyn if you happen to be in the neighborhood).  I didn’t quite understand the hype over this soap until I tried it.  It smells a little funny, but it is amazing.  I dilute the super-concentrate, spray it onto the rug, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe down with a damp towel.  (Be sure to test for color fastness first).  The Charlie’s Soap label says it “Cleans Everything From False Teeth to Diesel Engines”.  I cannot vouch for the teeth or engine part, but rugs it works wonders on.