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We made these for our Halloween costumes last year.  Ada was Goldilocks and we were the Three Bears.  Baby bear Josie had knitted ears sewn onto her wool suit and Chris and I wore these ears.  The kids now use them for dress-up and they are easy to make if you have minimal knitting skills.  You will need:

*Brown Yarn.  (I used less than half a ball of scrap for each set).  If you want two-toned ears use one color for front and one for back.

*Knitting Needles. (I used size 6)


*Pipe Cleaners – Two per set

*Fabric-covered Headband

*Needle and Thread

1. Knit up ear shape in Stockinette.  (I am in no way qualified to write a knitting pattern, but this is really easy to do if you know how to increase and decrease).  I began by casting on about 10 stitches, increasing for a few rows on each side when I reached the middle of the ear and then decreasing for a few rows on each side as the ear looked to be about the right size.  I bound off with about 6 stitches at the top.  Ears will be knitted in two pieces and then sewn together.

2. Repeat above until you have four of the same pieces- two fronts and two backs.  If you are making two-toned ears you should have two of each color.

3. Sew front and back of ears together, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

4. Bend pipe cleaner into half circle, insert into ear and trim ends so they are not sticking out.  This will keep the ears from flopping.

5. Stuff each ear.

6. Sew ears onto headband, pushing stuffing up inside as you go.