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Can you tell we are ready for summer around here?  Ada has been counting the days until popsicle season and we finally got some in the freezer.  Last summer she got really excited about making ice pops but would never finish the last few bites.  So this year we are trying stripes.  The stripes look pretty and each color is a different flavor.  We mixed in yogurt and soy milk along with fresh fruit so they are colorful and healthy.  To make your own you will need:

*Popsicle Molds (or Paper cups and spoons work too)

*Fruit (We used watermelon and strawberries)

*Juice (We used apple and coconut water)

*Yogurt and Milk of your choice



1. Puree fruit in blender until smooth and mix as desired.  Pour each color of juice into its own cup.  Our stripes contain: pureed watermelon, apple juice, pureed stawberries and yogurt, pureed watermelon and soy milk, coconut water.

2. Pour in the first layer and let freeze for about 20 minutes.  Freezer temperatures may vary.

3. Continue adding stripes and freezing for about 20 minutes each time.  The pops should be firm enough for stripes not to run into each other, but soft enough in the center to allow stick to be pushed through.

4. When last layer is poured, add stick and allow pops to freeze for a couple of hours.