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I love this Neisa Crosland wallpaper. We searched for it for a long time and finally found it at Walnut Wallpaper in LA.  (Walnut has since stopped selling Crosland’s papers, but have an amazing selection of other beauties).   I was pregnant with Ada at the time, and we slept in the living room while we tracked down the perfect paper.  I wanted something that would be both calming and complex enough not to get boring.  I initially wanted to use Crosland’s Anenome which I had fallen in love with from a Miu Miu ad.  Chris and I finally agreed on Merlin and decided to place it on one wall and match the paint.  The mix of subtle metallic and spring colors makes me happy.  We loved how it turned out, and I am dreaming of more papered rooms.  We found remnants on top of old plaster downstairs and I would love to match it.  What is your favorite wallpaper?