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We made this scavenger hunt game for Ada’s birthday this year. We did a larger hunt in Central Park early in the summer and it was a blast, so we decided to make a kid version. I took a few photos of clues while we were in the park the week before and printed them out at home. The level of difficulty can be adjusted per age group. To make your own egg carton scavenger hunt you will need:

*Egg Cartons (we cut ours in half for the little kids, but you can use a whole carton if you’d like more clues).

*Paint and Paintbrush


*Double Side Tape



*Chalk to match Paint colors

1. Take photos of the clues. (Small objects like leaves, acorns and flowers can be gathered and put into the egg carton. Larger things, such as statues can be marked by each team’s chalk).

2. Print photos to fit in the slots on the egg carton top.

3. Cut cartons in half with scissors if you choose.

4. Open each egg carton and paint a different color. Allow to dry before closing so they won’t stick shut.

5. Tape each clue photo into its slot.

6. Place corresponding colored chalk in each carton and close.

To play: give each team a carton and have them open to reveal clues at the same time. The first team to fill all of their slots, and mark any large items with their chalk wins!