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There are acorns falling in these parts, and it is the perfect time to make acorn necklaces. We first learned to make this easy project at a visit to our CSA farm a couple of years ago. It is a great project for tiny bits of leftover yarn. Kids can help with the acorn gathering, and yarn choosing and twisting. To make your own you will need:

*Acorns with Caps

*Small Screw Eyes

*Yarn – at least two colors


1. Gather freshly fallen acorns and wash if necessary. Snip off stem from top of acorn with scissors, leaving a flat spot at the top of acorn cap.

2. Twist screw eye into top of cap. If cap pops off it can be glued back on with craft glue.

3. Choose two contrasting strands of yarn and cut about 36 inches of each. (Adjust size per wearer).

4. Tie two strands together. Stretch out yarns with knot in the middle and have two people hold each of the two ends. (Or tie one end to a door knob if you are alone).

5. Twist each color of yarn in the opposite direction until yarn coils back on itself. Bring the two loose ends together and grasp. Grab the knot in the center and pull away from loose ends until the twist evens out. The two colors should now be evenly twisted around each other. Loosen or tighten twist until you like the way it looks.

6. Slip screw eye over the twisted yarn strand and tie the ends together.

Happy Fall!