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Our Halloween costumes seem to have taken on an ocean theme around here.  Josie Jellyfish was considerably faster to make than Ada’s Mermaid costume from yesterday’s post.  The tulle gives a sort of underwater-floaty feeling and Josie was having fun spinning around and watching it move.  This costume is easy to make into adult or larger kid sizes.  You could whip out a whole family’s worth of jellyfish in an hour or two!  To make your own super easy Jellyfish Costume you will need:

*A Variety of Tulle

*Tank Top to Match Tulle

*Matching Leggings


*Needle and Thread to Match Tulle

*Crocheted Hat (Optional)

1. Cut tulle into strips.  (Ours are about 1 1/2″ x 12″).

2. Stitch the tulle strips one after another around the neckline of tank top.  Use small stitches on the front and larger stitches inside shirt.

3. The tank can be layered over warmer clothes if you are going outside.  (I always hated how Northern weather ruined my Halloween creations when I was little).

That’s it!  Happy Halloween!