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I am a sucker for good packaging.  Leslie told me about an Asian grocery called H Mart on an excursion with the kids this weekend and we were excited to check it out.   We stocked up on noodles and rice and dumplings among other things.  The Korean pears we found were the best we have ever tasted and the acorn pudding was an unexpected savory flavor, (which Ada declared delicious – a small miracle coming from the girl who lives on cereal and PB&J).  The girls had fun spotting things they had never seen before and eating rice and noodles at the food counter.  I dragged the family down every aisle and found lots of new groceries to try.  (OK, maybe I got a few just because they had pretty packaging).  The market carries products from Japan, China and Korea.  You can order online, but it is more fun to go wander around the store if you can.  Our favorite finds are these:

*Dried Noodles

*Little Animal Forks for Lunchboxes (I am saving these to use for a future party, despite Ada’s pleading to open them right now)

*Aid Helper Emergency Plasters

*Knife Sharpening Stone (Which technically we need, and how could I say no to that box?)