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Ada came up with this project. We started out with paper Christmas tree shapes for her to decorate and she decided she wanted to make a forest with animals that would live with Santa. (Yes, that includes tropical fish). We used these animal image stickers and Ada cut paper into mountains and used crayons to color the water. After gluing paper squares together we ended up with a long picture that fit perfectly across the mantle. To make your own North Pole Forest you will need:

*Construction Paper in Various Colors


*Snow Glitter

*Feathers, Pom poms, Sparkles, Etc.

*Crayons, Marker, or Colored Pencils

*Animal Stickers

*Craft Glue

1. Glue paper squares together.

2. Cut out tree and mountain shapes.

3. Glue down stickers, pom poms, and feathers and add coloring. (We added glue behind our removable stickers).

4. Lastly glue snow glitter over the trees in your Northern forest.

5. Allow to dry flat and then hang up. Ho!Ho!Ho!