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Caramel Sauce

We are slowly trying to feel normal here after the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday. It feels a bit hollow to be celebrating and decorating in the shadow of such an inconceivable sadness. We are lucky that our girls are too young to understand what has happened, and Chris and I wipe away tears when they are not looking. Our hearts break for those who have lost the ones they love. We hug our children closer now. We find a little more appreciation for the days we have together.

We celebrated an early Christmas this past week with our new cousin and family. The kids opened stockings and presents and the adults cooked and talked and ate good food together. Here is the recipe from the Inspired Taste blog that we used to make Salted Caramel Sauce. We added a pinch of nutmeg to our sauce and it is delicious. We made another batch and added extra cream to make a cocktail base. (It is sort of a caramel Bailey’s flavor). This batch could easily be frozen into yummy ice cream.