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WaterBottle1WaterBottle2We caught a family cold this week and this sweater-covered hot water bottle has been in heavy rotation.  Luckily the girls were angels when it was Mommy’s turn to be sick.  Yesterday Ada took Josie downstairs, made butter sandwiches for them both (yes butter, not peanut butter), swept up the crumbs and put them in the compost bin.  Sometimes four-year-olds can amaze you when you really need them to.

The hot water bottle’s knitted cover (or sweater as Josie calls it) keeps it toasty for most of the night but also buffers little tummies from too-hot rubber.  I modified this pattern from Garment House (formerly Green Olives Design).  (Elly’s pocket water bottle cover is even cuter).  The pattern is simple, quick and takes less than a ball of worsted weight yarn.  We used a simple loose stitch to close up the bottom and stitches can be undone for a good hand-washing.  A hot water bottle and a box of clementins are high on our list of cures for the common cold.