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Ada came home from school the other day with this card and I fell in love with the drawing.  The kids made them by drawing a paperwhite plant which was growing in the classroom.  The initial drawing was made with crayon and then painted with a wash of watercolor to make the colors pop.  Do you remember making those?  It always seemed like some kind of magic to watch my crayon marks emerge from under wet paint, brighter than when I had first laid them down.  This drawing is one of those art projects that I will carefully save away in Ada’s art folder. (Unlike much of the paper that she comes home, which I save for a little while and then recycle when she has forgotten them).  I think this is the first drawing she has made from careful observation.  I love that she drew all the parts of the plant- leaves, bulb, tiny roots and open flowers.  It is exciting to watch her art projects change as she grows older.  Proud Mama.