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Our house has tall crown moldings that we rarely notice accept to bemoan their need of repairs.  I have never dusted up there and I am quite sure the previous owners did not. (It took a team of four people nine hours to clean the house before we moved in).  The cleaning team also ignored the crown moldings, so it has been at least five years since they got a good dusting.  I found this Sla-Dust this week and decided it was time to tackle the dusting job.  The Slack Dust Mop Company has been hand-making wool mops for over 100 years in Vermont.  The company is still owned by the same family and they  pride themselves on making sustainable, non-disposable quality products.  My Wool Hand Duster did a great job on the moldings and ceiling fans and also worked to grab dust out of the crevices in our radiators.  The wool head attaches with Velcro and can be hand washed in soap and water for cleanup.  I finished the whole job in under half an hour.  So satisfying!