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These colorful mercury glass Christmas tree garlands were another find from our weekend of stoop sales.  Our tree is decorated with mostly vintage ornaments every year.  I love the faded jewel tones and intricate details of vintage ornaments.  Ada and Josie are quite ‘helpful’ when it comes to tree decorating, so I only pay a few dollars at the most for an ornament.  These beads will fill in the empty spots quite nicely and we paid $5 for 11 9-foot strands.  Bargain!  Ebay has some pretty examples here if you would like to start stocking up for the winter holidays ahead of time.

We are off on a family vacation for the week, so I will be out of touch for the next few days.  We are visiting one of my all-time favorite indoor flea markets, and I will report back on any great finds.  (I have a long list that we are searching for).  Have a wonderful Memorial Day!