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We took a family road trip at the end of May.  We had a great time overall and returned home feeling relaxed and tanned.  There were only a few times when Chris and I got nostalgic for the old days and a quiet drink without the company of two kids.  One of the differences between a family road trip and then ones I remember from college is the need to plan ahead.  Ada is not the most cooperative dresser in the morning.  She tends to be picky and change her mind about a hundred times before we leave the house.  In order to avoid arguments and get us out of the door to explore each morning, I wrapped outfits up for the girls for each day.  Each one was tied up with seam binding and contained socks and underwear as needed.  Every morning they got to pick their own ‘bundle’, but were not allowed to edit the contents.  I wasn’t sure how the whole thing would work, but it ended up making our mornings so much smoother.  Ada and Josie looked forward to making their choice every morning and the four of us started off to breakfast in a good mood.  Phew!