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We have been searching for cups suitable for use in back yard.  There is a strip of cement patio out back, which will eventually become stone and we didn’t want to use our collection of vintage juice glasses out there.  (We manage to break enough of those inside the house).   All of the glasses I found were either ugly, or plastic, or both.  When we visited Ashville, North Carolina last month one of the stops on our list was the Mast General Store.  Mast has been around since 1883 and is now housed in a restored building from the 1940s.  And it is so cool!  The shop is a combination of an outdoor gear store, old-time pharmacy and toy shop and it has a huge selection of penny candy in barrels.  I am a sucker for a good old-fashioned pharmacy and get insanely excited over cool packaging.  I found these aluminum tumblers in the back and remembered that I used to have a vintage set in college.  The tumblers are perfect for keeping drinks cool and they are indestructible.  Ebay has some vintage metal tumblers here.  The colors are so pretty!  We also found this Astyptodyne liniment (which “cures everything but a broken heart”) and this Magic Wand stain stick at Mast.  Both the Astyptodyne and Magic Wand are made in the USA and look pretty in the medicine cabinet.  I love Mast!Cups2