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We finally got around to making kites with the pretty German Kite Paper I found in Maine a few months ago.  The girls did most of the gluing, so although our kites look pretty, but are not the most aerodynamic of flying machines.  Ada and Josie like to run around the yard with them nevertheless, and the kites make colorful wall decorations when not in use.  To make your own Paper Kite you will need:

*Kite Paper (We got ours at Circa Home in Portland Maine.  Here are some other sources: 1, 2, 3)

*Craft Glue

*Two Thin, Lightweight Sticks or Dowels (We used twigs from Nan’s back yard)


*Lightweight Ribbons for the Tail (We used Seam Binding)


1. Cross sticks (one larger than the other to make a diamond),  and tie with string.

2. Wrap string around four corners of the diamond, gently pull taught and tie.

3. Cut, wrap and glue kite paper around diamond shaped frame.  We glued our seams shut as well.  Be sure to wrap edges and secure around the string at the edges. (Larger paper and less glue would make the kites lighter).

4. Decorate with cut out kite paper shapes.

5. Allow glue to dry.

6. Tie tail ribbons together and cut to desired length.

7. Gently push knot of tail between bottom long stick and kite paper.

8. Put a bit of glue between kite tail and stick.  Wrap string around tail knot and tie.

9. Tie string in upside-down T shape between ends of the short stick and the top of the diamond shape.

10. Go to a windy spot and let the kids run!