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On Sunday I cleaned the entire house, wrapped birthday presents, painted two staircases and a bathroom, unpacked and washed the baby clothes and checked on the bees.  I almost reupholstered our dining room chairs, but decided that would be a bit much.  Today my washing machine stopped working, forcing me to take a much-needed nap instead of hanging out more laundry to dry on the line.  I always know the pre-baby nesting will happen, but still never cease to be amazed at the crazy burst of energy and cleaning power that happens as birth moves closer.  I sill remember watching my mother go through this with her last pregnancy, until her water broke on the hill leading to our house and she was forced to surrender the barn cleaning for another day.  I have noticed that the world seems beautiful and sort of sparkly to me during the last few days before labor.  All of this is mysteriously and comfortably out of my control.  So now the house is clean, the birthing tub is here, the grocery shopping is done…Now we can do nothing but knit and read and eat and wait for this little person to come out and meet us.