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We had two exciting house moves in the family recently and Ada helped design this housewarming card.  (She is calling them Happy Moving cards).  We used washi tape and crayon to illustrate the houses and accordion-folded card stock to fit inside our card. The line of houses unfolds out of the card to show the move from one house to another.  As with most kid projects, I had my vision of how the card would turn out and Ada had her own.  She made city buildings, without pitched roofs for most of the houses.  Feel free to tailor yours to your own neighborhood.  To make your own Washi Tape Housewarming Card you will need:

*Card Stock


*Washi Tape in Various Colors

*Crayons or Colored Pencils

1. Accordion fold card stock to fit inside of card.  (The folds should be hidden when card is closed).

2. Tape accordion fold into open card.

3. Using washi tape, make a house on each fold inside of card.

4. Using pencil or crayon, draw an arrow from the first house to the last house.  Add windows, doors, chimneys, etc.

5. Write in your Happy Moving Day greeting.

6. Mail it to the new address!