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We went on our annual apple picking trip this weekend.  It was a warm and misty day and we all got soggy feet, (except Josie who insisted on wearing her rain boots when we left our sunny neighborhood).  We went to Fishkill Farms, which has been in the same family for almost 100 years.  They make an effort to use low or no pesticides on their crops.  The farm is huge and packed with lots of apple varieties in the fall.  I got a little nervous at the crowds near the entrance, but there was lots of room to spread out once we got inside.  We were able to drive our car on the road along the orchards and many families brought tailgate picnics for the day.  We picked a huge bag of apples and then headed South to the village of Tarrytown for lunch.  Fishkill Farms has great barbecue food, but the weather and crowds had us in the mood to be inside.  Tarrytown has lots of cute restaurants and antique shops and our friends introduced us to Mint, which was amazing.  It looks like we are heading for a storm today here in Brooklyn.  It is a perfect day for staying inside and baking apple pie.