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Happy Halloween!

We had a fun walk to school this morning spotting all of the costumes around the neighborhood.  It is warm here today, and we are hoping that the rain stops in time for our favorite Halloween tradition this evening.  Ada finished up one last decoration, which she has named Sam.  She looked at a picture of a human skeleton and copied each part on to a piece of paper.  I love the toes!  We used paper fasteners to attach the bones together and hung him on the door.  This project is great for learning about anatomy, and not just for Halloween.  To make your own Paper Skeleton you will need:

*Heavy Weight Paper



*Paper Fasteners

*Hole Punch

*Picture of a Skeleton (We Googled a few images)

1. Have child look at the skeleton picture and draw their interpretation of each bone onto a separate piece of paper.  (The results are so much quirky and better if you let them do it themselves).

2. Cut out the bones, and keep them in order as you go.

3. Punch holes at area where each group of bones connect.  Push paper fasteners through holes and press open on the back.

4. Hang up your spooky skeleton!