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These play food jars are easy to make and the contents look and sound like real spices and dry goods, without the mess.  They are one of Ada’s favorite additions to her play kitchen.  You will need:

*Small recycled jars

*Dry popcorn, beans, beads, pompoms, etc.  (We used glass beads and pearls from an old necklace for good sound effects and pompoms for fun color).

*Glue (Craft or hot glue will work).

*Fabric scraps to cover the tops

1. Fill jars.

2. Trace lid onto fabric and cut out.

3. Put a line of glue along the threading inside the jar lid and screw on tightly.  Wipe off any excess glue.  Be careful not to shake the jar until the glue is dry or your beads will stick to any drips inside the lid.

4. Glue the fabric on top of the lids and allow to dry.

5. Hand over to your Julia or Jacques and wait for your souffle.