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We are working on getting the back yard ready to use this year, but it looks like my cutting garden wish list is going to stay on paper until next year.  I am longing for flowers back there, but putting up a fence is a more practical first step.  So we decided to plant a big clay pot to brighten up the stoop instead.  We used a mix of purples and blues for our sunny spot.  You can adjust the type of plants based on your own climate and light.  This is a quick planting project with immediate results which makes it ideal for kids’ short attention spans.  If you want to do a similar arrangement you will need:

*Clay Pot.  (We used one that is 20″ high and 18″ wide at the top).

*Potting Soil

*Flowering Plants.  We used: Viola, Aubrieta, Lithodora, Columbine, and Salvia.

1. Place some rocks or broken pot shards on the bottom of the pot for drainage.  Be sure not to cover hole completely.

2. Fill 3/4 of the pot with soil.

3. Place in plants, following directions on soil tags and being careful not to overcrowd.  The top of the soil should be about 1″below pot rim so it will not spill out when watered.

4. Gently pack soil around plants and water in thoroughly.  Pick off dead flowers as they bloom to keep plants healthy and encourage more blooms.