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I have been wanting to make a surprise ball since I spotted one at Kiosk a few years ago.  And then this week our friends brought us an amazing swan version from Tail of the Yak in Berkeley.  (More on that beautiful surprise ball in a later post).   Ada had so much fun unwrapping the swan that I decided to make her an Easter version for her basket.  This is an easy project that can be customized for any recipient.  You will need:

*Crepe Paper Streamers (at least 3 colors)

*Tiny Goodies (We wrapped: a vintage bracelet, stickers, vintage buttons, temporary tattoos, a dollar coin, a tiny rubber stamp, a bag of glitter, tin bird pins)

*Felt (or stickers or rubber stamps to decorate)

*Glue stick

*Scotch Tape

*Pinking Shears or Scissors

1. Wrap crepe paper around the first treasure and form a rough egg shape.  Remember this will be the last to be unwrapped so make it a good one!

2. Continue wrapping until first object is completely covered.

3. Cut crepe paper with pinking shears and use masking tape to attach a new color.

4. Insert the next goody and continue to wrap.  Be sure to gently pull the crepe paper taught as you go.

5. Repeat, changing the streamer color with every new object.  Position objects to create a rounded egg shape.

6. Once all objects are inside, use the glue stick to stick down streamer end and apply felt circles or stickers for decoration.

7. Let the fun begin!