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I love surprise balls!  There is something magical about the simultaneous combination of unwrapping and disappearing and discovering.  Last week I wrote about some beautiful and inspiring surprise balls made by paper artist Anandamayi Arnold.  I had fun making this surprise ball for Ada’s Easter basket last year, but really wanted to make the initial package more beautiful this year.  I decided on an apple shape, complete with apple blossom, leaves, stem and bud.  (Yes, I know this does not occur in nature).  Ada’s apple is red and Josie’s will be green.  My finished apple does not come close the the amazing fruits by Anandamayi Arnold, but I was happy with the results.  I followed directions to make leaves and blossoms from this vintage book of crepe paper flowers.  (My mother-in-law gave me the 1922 version and it is one of my prized possessions).  To make your own Apple Surprise Ball, follow the directions from our Easter Egg Surprise Ball here.  I used washi tape to attach layers of crepe streamers this year.  Try to make your wrapping more of an apple shape as you go, and finish with a red streamer.  Follow directions for blossoms and leaves in the above book, or cut out your own shapes from crepe paper.  Glue on stem and wrap with red streamers to finish.  I filled the apple balls with the following inexpensive toys for the girls:

*Marble Pouch (I stitched this up from our box of fabric scraps.  I will post directions soon)

*Pom-Pom Bobby Pins by the Belle Company, Brooklyn ($4 for 2 at My Brooklyn Baby)

*Beaded Necklace Kits (I made these up from thrift store pony beads and vintage sequins inside plastic pouches.  Under $.50 each)

*Basil Seeds (Free packet came our Myers Clean Day Dish Soap)

*Wooden Bird Whistle ($2 from My Brooklyn Baby)

*Sunmaid Raisin Box

*Marbles (50 for $.99 at the dollar store- These are more fun to unwrap if you open the package and cover one marble at a time with crepe paper)

*Garden Tattoos ($5 for 12 at My Brooklyn Baby)

*Wikki Stix ($.99 for package at Party City)

Have fun wrapping and Happy Spring!