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Paper3 Paper6Paper7 Paper8 Paper10It is birthday season in our family, and I am always searching for new decoration ideas for the parties.  We made up these two versions of paper garlands which are machine-stitched down the center for extra strength.  The stitching will allow us to reuse them for a few of the birthdays before summer ends.  Bright paper decorations always make a party seem more festive, and these garlands are very simple and inexpensive to make up.  To make your own Paper Garlands you will need:

For Ruffled Streamers:

*Various Colored Rolls of Streamers (We had these left over from the Surprise Balls we made for Easter)

*Sewing Machine

*Contrasting Thread

1. Unwind a bit of streamer and stitch down the center, leaving a long tail at the beginning and end for hanging.  We used a #3 straight stitch.

2. Continue to unwind the streamer roll as the machine takes up the paper.  Work the stitch all the way through the roll, or to your desired length.

3. The stitching causes the streamer to ruffle as goes along.  (You could also try stitching a thinner streamer down the center for another layer of color).

4. Gently twist to hang.

For Fringe Garland:

*Crepe Paper in Various Colors (We had this Crepe form Paper Mart left over from our Flower Crowns and Crepe Paper Flower Hat)


*Sewing Machine

*Contrasting Thread

1. Cut Crepe Paper into 5″sections, against the grain.

2. Gently stretch each section out with your hands.

3. Unfold Crepe and stitch through the length of the center using your sewing machine.  We used a #3 straight stitch.  Leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end for hanging.  (You could also try sewing a thinner strip of Crepe down the center to add another layer of color).

4. Using Scissors, snip fringe into both sides of the stitched Crepe.  Be careful not to cut the stitches.

5. Unfold and gently twist to hang.

Happy Party!

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