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This was inspired by the new Martha Stewart issue.  We are ready for spring and Easter colors around here!  These flowers are made by gently folding painted coffee filters into petal shapes.  Ada liked using the paints and watching the colors bleed up the filters.  The finished flowers can be combined into a bouquet, tied onto gifts, or planted on the wall like we did.  You will need:

*Coffee Filters

*Watercolor Paints and/or Food Coloring (I used both, but kept the kids away from the messier food coloring)

*Bowls (for mixing the food coloring with water)

*Paper or Scrap Cloth Towels

*Green Pipe Cleaners

*Painters Tape (for wall hanging)

1. Separate filters into stacks of 4 to 6 each.

2. Fill bowls with a small amount of water and a few drops of food coloring.  We used about five drops in shallow water.

3. Dip the bottom edges of filter stacks in bowls and/or paint edges with watercolors.  More pigment and less water=brighter colors.  Filters can be dried and more colors added until you like your results.

4. Place filter stacks on towels to dry.

5. When stacks are still slightly damp, pinch the back center of the flower and twist all the filters together, (middle photo).  Secure with pipe cleaner and gently unfurl petals.  If you used food coloring, a bit may transfer onto your hands when flowers are wet but should stay put when dry.

6. When flowers are completely dry, make a loop of painter’s tape. Insert stem through loop vertically and stick onto the wall.