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I grew up in a family full of summer birthdays.  Summer always meant ice cream cake and swimming and parties and I assumed it did for everyone else as well.  My mom was great at whipping up a party for very little money.  We would make pinatas from paper grocery bags, use dress-up clothes for relay competitions and hand-crank homemade ice cream.  We are thrilled to have two summer birthdays (and a third on the way!) amongst the sisters and cousins in the family now.  I love a summer party!  This is Clementine’s first birthday, with orange and yellows as color inspiration of course:

*Tissue Pom-Poms, Martha Stewart has great directions here.

*Kid Snacks in fancy cups.  These paper snack cups from Shop Sweet Lulu make even healthy snacks seem like party food.

*Giant Balloon from Bargain Balloons.

*Rainbow Veggies and Hummus.

*Paper Flags.  We made these by folding tissue from Nashville Wraps in half and cutting a triangle shape with point away from fold.  Unfold into a diamond, put a bit of glue stick along the fold, reposition and fold over some twine.  Easy!

*Rubber Frog Pool Toy employed to hold down the napkins.


*Under the umbrellas.

*Homemade Lemonade with Mint.

*Guest in Orange.

*Flags on the Fence.

*Ice Cream Cake from Cliff’s.  Ice Cream Cake = Party Essential!


Happy Birthday Clementine!