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My kids love stringing beads and making necklaces.  These pony beads are large enough for little fingers to grasp, and are a good exercise for fine motor skill development.  I originally put sets of beads and leather cord inside our Easter surprise balls this year.  The leather cord can be knotted on one end when stringing and then simply tied when necklace is complete.  We decided to make this set as a gift for a friend.  These kits would also make great party favors.  To make your own Beaded Necklace Gift Kit you will need:

*Variety of Pony Beads, Sequins and Other Beads with Large Openings

*Leather Cord to Fit Bead Openings

*Small Clear Plastic Envelopes

*Wooden Box

1. Open large packages of beads, place a few into plastic envelopes and seal.  We organizing our beads by color and shape.

2. Measure and cut lengths of leather cord and wind into circle.  Be sure cord is long enough to fit over child’s head when the ends are tied.  (Or you could also make bracelets).  Put into envelope and seal.

3. Place plastic envelopes into wooden box.

4. Wrap up the Necklace Kit or place into party favor bags.

5. Have fun beading!