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My favorite craft fabric/yarn/craft store Brooklyn General had a huge sale a couple of weeks ago.  I went specifically for knitting needles, and of course came home with more projects than I have time to do.  The Liberty Prints fabric taunted me from the wall as I was finishing up my purchasing.  I decided to get one yard of this beauty with no idea of what it would become.  I ended up making simple skirts for the girls, and had enough to make a sundress for Josie.  (Three projects from one yard!)  I based the skirts off of this pattern for a simple skirt by MADE.  (Danamadeit.com is such an an inspiring blog full of tutorials and color!) For ours skirts we made a single layer and did a basic turned hem instead of serging.  The skirts are super easy to make and if you are a faster sewer than I, (not at all a difficult task), you could finish a skirt in an hour.  So satisfying!  The girls have been wearing the skirts for two days now and I’ve decided to make them a summer supply out of different fabrics.  Hooray for warm-weather clothes!