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Instagrams from our week:

*Robin Shells in the Back Yard

*Back Yard Kites

*Perfect Mother’s Day Breakfast: Dough Doughnuts, Cut Flowers (which Ada and Chris wake up early and sneak out of the house for and then let me arrange myself),  and The Times (which I am still not done reading but will finish before the end of the week)

*Ada’s Class Turtle at the Art Show

*Wisteria from the Back Yard

*Mother’s Day Flowers

*Jadite at Moon River Chattel (which I resisted)

*Strange White Pigeon on the Sidewalk

*Bunk Beds!  (Finally arrived after several delivery attempts and are now in the middle of the room, waiting for us to move the bookshelf.  And we got them way on sale)

Have a great weekend!!