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We designed this card for my sister’s April baby shower, but it is also a fun spring card for kids to make and send.  Ada liked discovering what colors could be made by overlapping the raindrops.  You will need:

*Tissue Paper in various blues and greens


*Card Stock or blank card


*Vellum Envelope to fit card

1. Fold tissue paper into width of eight layers.  (You can do more or less depending on the sharpness of your scissors).

2. Cut out raindrop shape through all layers.

3. Repeat until all raindrops are cut and then separate individual drops.

4. Cover front of card with glue.

5. Stick down raindrops one at a time and then let glue dry.

6. Print this message inside card:  “April Showers Bring…”

7. Place card inside envelope and drop it in the mail.

8. Keep checking the blog.  The next step in the two-part mailing will be posted soon!