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I always feel conflicted about buying baby food in pouches instead of glass jars.  The pouches are amazingly convenient and organic and kids can feed themselves…but the packaging is not recyclable.  (I don’t understand why someone hasn’t come up with responsible packaging amidst all of that amazing design).  I realized that the colorful caps would make great beads and keep some plastic out of the trash.  Ada made this for Josie yesterday and it is her new favorite toy.  The colors are bright, it makes noise and it is super fun to take on and off over your head if you are a toddler.  You will need:

*Baby Food Pouch Caps

*Leather Cord or Cotton Shoelace (Nylon will snag on the caps)

1. Wash caps.

2. String caps onto cord through holes.

3. Tie at the ends.

4. Show off to your friends (or your sister).

*The pouches would also make great little ice packs for the summer: Rinse thoroughly, fill 2/3 of the way with water, twist on cap and freeze.*