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I got this dress at American Apparel with plans to decorate it for Ada.  I was going to make little flowers out of vintage ribbons down the front of the dress.  When I asked Ada to help me pick out the ribbon she said she wanted all of them.  Then she told me they needed to go down the back and not be sewn down into petal shapes.  I was annoyed at her for not listening to directions.  I finally asked what the heck she was going to do with the ribbons hanging off the back of her dress.  “Spin and Dance, Mama.”  Duh.

To make a similar dress you will need:

*Plain Dress

*Assorted Ribbons and Buttons

*Needle and Thread

1. Wash and dry dress to account for shrinkage.

2. Let your designer direct placement.

3. Sew down buttons and ribbon.

4. Put dress on child and let the spinning begin.